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30 April, 2019

Game server is updated to version 4.14.1m.

To update the game 4.14m to version 4.14.1m, you must download and install the patch IL2_4141_MULTI(Update IL2_414_MULTI to IL2_4141_MULTI).exe (40 MB).

To update the game 4.13.4m to version 4.14.1m, you must download and install the patch IL2_414_4141_MULTI.exe + IL2_414_4141_MULTI-1.bin (1858 MB).

8 April, 2019

At the Crimea map of the server the MBR-2 aircraft became available - novelty of version 4.14m.

4 April, 2019

Game server is updated to version 4.14m.

To update the game 4.13.4m to version 4.14m, you must download and install the patch IL2_414_MULTI.exe + IL2_414_MULTI-1.bin (1857 MB).

13 January, 2018

There was an opportunity to leave comments to the game servers in monitoring.

16 April, 2017

Game server is updated to version 4.13.4m.

To update the game 4.13.3m to version 4.13.4m, you must download and install the patch IL2_4134_INT.exe (60 MB).

12 March, 2017

On a large banner (500x90) in the monitoring of game servers began to display the graph of attendance of the server over the past 24 hours.

27 February, 2017

On server (4.09m) added a new map Jets.

The main feature of the map - it contains only jet aircraft (all models available in the game).

In rotation the map Jets follows the map Crimea.

3 February, 2017

Game server is updated to version 4.13.3m.

To update the game 4.13.2m to version 4.13.3m, you must download and install the patch IL2_4133_INT.exe (511 MB).

The novelty of this update - aircraft U-2 - now available at map Crimea.

5 December, 2016

Some modified game servers displayed in monitoring, shows fake number of players. Now these servers when sorting by number of players are displayed at the bottom of the list and the number of players they have strike-through. In addition, they are not counted in the statistics.

22 July, 2016

Published information about the newly introduced Elo rating at server, as well as the method of its calculation.

16 July, 2016

On all pilots pages was be added lists of dogfights in which they took part.

Each dogfight displays date and time, map name, nicknames of pilots and their aircrafts, as well as Elo rating.

15 July, 2016

On the game server in addition to the main rating introduced Elo rating. This rating is used in chess, it allows you to calculate the relative strength of the players.

The initial rating of each player - 1000. For every downed enemy aircraft rating increases, for each airplane lost in air combat - is reduced. Rating is calculated only for dogfights between players of different armies (destroyed of friendly aircrafts and ground targets are not taken into account in the rating).

Elo rating will be interesting to fans of dogfights, because it allows you to determine the real effect of virtual pilots.

27 May, 2016

Game server is updated to version 4.13.2m.

To update the game 4.13.1m to version 4.13.2m, you must download and install the patch IL2_4132_INT.exe (39 MB).

19 April, 2016

On the game server (4.13.1m) launched the second map - Tobruk.

The map is the siege of Tobruk, reconstructed by historical sources - which lasted 240 days of confrontation between Great Britain and the Italo-German forces during the North African campaign.

As in the previous map Crimea, on it there are moving and stationary cars, armored vehicles, trains, ships. Searchlights have been for the first time applied.

8 April, 2016

Game server is updated to version 4.13.1m.

To update the game 4.13RC04m to version 4.13.1m, you must download and install the patch IL2_4131_INT.exe (323 MB).

29 February, 2016

Launched a new full real game server version 4.13! The new server address:

Features of the new server:

1) Full real! No speedbar!

2) Mobile and stationary targets for attack aircrafts and bombers: the column of cars and armored vehicles, trains, ships.

3) All airfields are equipped with illuminated runway (switched on request to the dispatcher) and a non-directional beacons.

4) Realistic change of day and night (during the game corresponds to the real Moscow time).

5) All the maps are based on historical sources and as close as possible to reality.

6) Always the most current version of the game (to date it 4.13RC04m), without mods.

Accounts for servers 4.09 and 4.13 are the same. If you are registered on the server 4.09, the second time it is not necessary to register!

19 February, 2016

On the page of each game server in monitoring added graph showing the position of the server in the rating for the last year. Position in the rating based on the average server attendance per day.

In addition, in the table "Recent maps" has been added column, showing the maximum number of players on a given map.

6 February, 2016

Created new gaming map - 1930s. It presents fighters 30s, and the action takes place on a small mountainous island.

In addition, all the cards were sorted in chronological order: Biplanes (1930s), 1930s (1930s), Moscow (1941), Midway (1942), Crimea (1943).

2 February, 2016

Banners for the game servers in monitoring with size 350x19 (userbar) and 500x90 was created. They displayed information about name and address of the server, number of players, map etc. The information on the banners is updated every minute!

On the page of each game servers are displayed the codes that allow to place a banner of favorite game server on forum (eg a signature) or on website.

31 January, 2016

For each game server in monitoring attendance record began to be displayed for all time from adding to monitoring.

25 January, 2016

Created Ukrainian version of the game server.

18 January, 2016

2nd version of the map Crimea was created. Its main difference from the previous version is presence of the ships. Also trains was added on the map. The new version of the map is already set in rotation in place of the old version.

13 January, 2016

On the page "About" in the section "How to connect" describes how to quickly roll back the version of the game "IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946" from 4.10-4.13 to 4.09m. The method is suitable only for unmodified games.

9 January, 2016

On the page of the game server in monitoring now displays a graph with average number of players per day during the last year. Statistics conducted from 13 November, 2015.

31 December, 2015

A new map Midway is created. Map is a reconstruction of the Battle of Midway, which was took place in June 1942. The battle ended in victory for the USA over Japan and considered a turning point in the Pacific War.

The number and location of the equipment, the list of available aircraft on aircraft carriers and the airfield - all created on the basis of historical sources and as close as possible to reality.

27 December, 2015

The pilot page has a new item - "Favorite aircraft". In brackets the percentage of flights on this plane of the total sorties.

25 December, 2015

On the page of the game server in monitoring now displays a list of recent maps per day. For each map shows start time and duration.

Merry Christmas!

17 December, 2015

Opportunity to change language in settings of the profile (English or Russian) was made. This setting determines the language during the game will be sent the answers to the server commands.

The default language is determined by on what version of the site (English or Russian) was registered player.

10 December, 2015

Created English version of the game server. Design of pages in the style "Pacific Fighters".

Players who registered on the English version of the website will receive messages from the commander in English.

Any errors in the English translation, please report by